Spending one night in the middle of rainforest can be a very powerful experience thus we have decided to build an ecology centre. The purpose of this centre is to reconnect people with nature – the place they originally come from. The centre will be a sanctuary for all of those who are interested in forest plants, animals or just want to blend in with the environment of intact forest.

The centre will consist of several units that can accommodate 21 people. Most of the units will be made of wood with mosquito nets in windows, only the roof will be made of palm leafs or tin. The bathroom area will be located in a brick building with filtered water from natural resources.

main unit and two cabinS

The main unit consists of two floors, the ground floor will have three rooms (2 + 2 + 3 beds) with terrace and space for a hammock and the first floor will have a large room with 4 beds, accessible from outside stairs. Each cabin will have two rooms (2 + 3 beds), terrace and space for a hammock.

Kitchen and dining room

The kitchen will be supplied by fresh fruits and vegetable from locals and visitors will pay for what they eat.  Guests can use local resources (food) or they can bring their own.

Ceremony room & Common area with a campfire

This room will be for purifying and healing ceremonies where visitors will have an opportunity to try a healing power of rainforest plants. These ceremonies are lead by indigenous people.

Who will take care of the centre?

The resort will have its own manager who will coordinate all operations regarding the construction and maintenance of the resort. We expect that this job will be done by volunteers as there are plenty of people interested in staying in a rainforest for free for a couple of months. The similar project successfully runs in Panama.

There will also be local events taking place in the resort. These events can be organised by the manager, local people or even by you. The aim of such events will be to connect with local tribes and their culture and to learn about animal and plant species.